• Our focus is on our vineyards, their soils, the cultural practices dedicated to their care and enhancing their microbiology life which will in the end provide us with wines showing their own personality. the profile and identity of each vineyard plot guides us.
  • We know great wines are born at the vineyard. our vision is to follow the origin and personality of all our grapes which led us to establish a vineyard classification plan for all our plots based on soil profile, landscape, profile and viticultural potential. we follow the same philosophy during the time of vinification and aging at the winery. viticulture-enology-personality-experience

  • We are passionate about traditional spanish varieties which have adapted over the years to specific soils and climates, resulting in wines of unique tipicity and personality. Our main goal is to be produce wines which are remarkable but different.
  • Sensibility is our main critheria while undergoing vinification. our wines have their own personality and they reflect their origin. they are fresh, direct, modern and have a  soul.

  • We strive to achieve clean wines, avoiding risks at vinification by choosing of certain styles. Instead, we respect the natural result we obtain at the winery that comes from the respect of vines and their soil and climate.
  • Our main philosphy of work is the respect for the vineyard, the soils, the landscape and we apply the same criteria at the winery so the wines can show themselves in a natural way but never forgeting keeping healthy vineyards and wines.

  • We want to offer wines to enjoy, wines which are drinkable and give pleasure to those who drink it. We want every sip to be an experience about harmony and provide rather long and complex sensations rather than powerful and robust ones. the elegance, minerality and finesse of texture in our wines is always our objetive.
  • To us wine is not only a drink, but something extraordinary: it is culture, origin, work, tradition and joy. we hope our customers find magic in our bottles.

  • Wine must be accesible and we hope to communicate our wines in a simple manner. We believe that being understood and accepted will help us with market development.
  • To us, our vineyards, our wines and their care are part of our spanish culture, tradition and history. These should be considered as part of spains´ cultural heritage and cultural patrimony.

  • In SOTOMANRIQUE we are commited to social corporate responsibility which means we are supportive and respectful to local farmers who we work with and their land, supporting them in every way to improve the conditions in which they work and create a better environment for all of us.