We work in the village of Cebreros, in Sierra de Gredos area where the traditional varieties are Grenache and Albillo Real coming from vineyards settled on granite and slate soils. Most vineyards consist of small old vineyards plots which have been preserved despite intensive farming development in neighbouring regions and have luckily not been ripped up by their owners who have looked after them for generations and consider them as part of their family.

On the foothills of the surrounding mountains of Cebreros, ancient vineyards have survived time thanks to local grape growers´ love for tradition and land despite economic loss; vineyards which grapes were destined to produce bulk wines and SOTOMANRIQUE is focused on recovering.

In 2016 SOTOMANRIQUE took an interest in Cebreros and started acquiring small vineyard plots owning now around 20ha of vines. Our aim is to recover vineyards by recovering their soils, using organic viticulture farming techniques searching for the best expression of those vineyards situated between 700-1100 meters.

As part of its recovery work, SOTOMANRIQUE started working on a thorough vineyard classification of subregions inside Cebreros, based on variety of soils, places and profile of wines looking for the unique characteristics that differentiate them from each other, based on research. The objective is to learn from the vines, understand them and help them show what they can offer on the different type of soils they grow at.

The philosophy of SOTOMANRIQUE consists of always looking for the outstanding, the authentic, the expression of landscapes and soils, with minimum intervention during winemaking through spontaneous fermentation.

Our goal is to create wines with freshness, tension, fluidity, intensity, elegance and which are fruit-forward.